Bears bring it home-Building bridges of friendship around the world in Israel

in memory of my mother Mindl Devorah bat Shlomo v'Genendl
in memory of my mother Mindl Devorah bat Shlomo v'Genendl
How does one combat bullying and bigotry? Try hugging a bear. In memory of the recent death of Jewish Early Childhood educator, Marvell Dorothy Tanner Ginsburg, Mindl Devorah bat Shlomo v'Gnendl or Peleet Devorah, Rabbi Claire Ginsburg Goldstein is jumpstarting the establishment of her mother's life long mission, to develop pride of being and living Jewishly for all Jewish children. How did she envision this pride being born? She saw it through hands on teaching. Claire agrees, hands on it is, and brings her bears to the table. Thus we are seeing the initial stages of "Claire bears" making their new home in Israel. 
Rabbi Claire has been sending doobis-teddy bears for the past 11 years to Israel to children who are hospitalized or traumatized. For the next stage, Rabbi Claire would like to see an inpouring of donations to her cause of doobis from around the world, from children who have experienced bullying and are now standing up to fight against it. Her vision is to create this hands-on museum for children and those who are children at heart who wish to fight against bullying by bringing more of G-d's light into this world. How? by sharing exhibits of ways to teach ways to build bridges of peace and friendship via the bears or doobis in Hebrew. Join us in establishing this life long dream of my mother's. "Building more Jewish pride by adding more of G-d's light 
into this world...and bringing it home to Israel. Contact Rabbi Claire for more details...lgcg98@aol.com. Come share with Claire. 


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