Library to Screen 'Best Worst Movie' Monday

The Library will host a screening of cult classic "Troll 2" on Monday at 7:15 p.m

Come out to the Fair Lawn library Monday night at 7:15 for a screening of cult classic "Troll 2," considered by some, the greatest bad movie ever.

For a taste of the "Troll 2" plot and movie background, from Wikipedia:

"The plot concerns a family pursued by vegetarian goblins who seek to transform them into plants so that they can eat them. The English-language script was written by [Claudio] Fragasso and his wife Rosella Drudi, neither of whom actually spoke any English at the time.

Despite filming the movie in Utah, and casting the movie entirely with American actors (many of whom had no prior acting experience and had responded to the casting call hoping to be extras), Fragasso also employed an exclusively Italian crew, who likewise spoke no English.

The resultant communication breakdown, coupled with the cast's lack of experience and Fragasso's insistence that his script be read verbatim, has led to the movie being considered one of the worst movies ever made."

"Troll 2" was actually the subject of the 2009 documentary, "Best Worst Movie," which bills itself as "an affectionate and intoxicatingly fun tribute to the single greatest bad movie ever made and the people responsible for unleashing it on the world."

At the library Monday, you can watch the movie and eat green foods to celebrate Nilbog (Goblin backwards and the name of the town in the movie).  

The movie is rated PG-13 and runs for 95 minutes.


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