Fair Lawn's Top 10 Taxpayers

Patch takes a look at the highest assessed properties in Fair Lawn.

Fair Lawn's property value reassessment, completed in March, has shifted a greater portion of the town's tax burden onto commercial property owners and away from residents.

Property values have dropped for both homes and businesses, on average, but they have dropped more steeply for homes.

The switch has left some business owners -- a few of whom spoke at last week's council meeting -- concerned over the increase in their estimated tax bills.

In the first part of a multi-part series about the wide-ranging effects of the reassessment, today Patch takes a look at the town's top taxpayers.


Fair Lawn's top taxpayers are split evenly among commercial properties, industrial properties and apartments.

While commercial properties make up five of the top 10 taxpayers in town, Fair Lawn's top two taxpayers -- by a substantial margin -- are the owners of the (assessed at $44.2 million) and the industrially-zoned ($29.3 million).

In fact, seven of top 10 taxpayers in town -- including Fair Lawn Commons and Nabisco -- inhabit the small swath of land in the northern part of Fair Lawn bounded by Pollitt Drive to the east and Route 208 to the west -- home to Fair Lawn's Industrial Park.

Highly-assessed properties in that area include the (4th highest, $19,822,900), Fair Lawn Park Estates apartments on Chandler Drive (5th, $16,767,100), Columbia Bank on Route 208 (6th, $15,269,500), the Pollitt Drive office space that houses  and , among others (9th, $13,047,700) and (10th, $10,696,000).

Rounding out the top ten are two grocery store complexes -- the / and the on Maple Avenue (8th, $13,076,900) -- and the  (7th, $13,200,500) on Route 4.

With so many of Fair Lawn's major rateables coming from in and around the industrial park, Deputy Mayor John Cosgrove said it was essential to continue attracting businesses to that area.

Special improvement districts already exist to attract and advocate for businesses on River Road and Broadway, but the industrial park lost its major promoter when the Economic Development Corporation disbanded for lack of funding late last year.

Cosgrove is leading a charge to reconstitute the EDC in a form that is acceptable to council.

"I don’t think that a town of our size -- 32,500 people roughly -- should not have an economic development corp," he said last month at a council work session. "Everyone knows that it’s really tough to attract high-end companies and I think we need to be in that game so that Fair Lawn can maintain our rateables in the industrial park."


Rank Property Location Land Assessment Improvement Assessment Total Assessment Owner/Property Name


16-05 Fair Lawn Avenue $8,500,000 $35,702,700 $44,202,700 2 McBride Avenue and Route 208 $14,748,500 $14,571,100 $29,319,600 3 17-77-77 River Road $12,255,000 $8,001,000 $20,256,000 4 17-17 Route 208 $6,804,000 $13,018,900 $19,822,900 5 Chandler Drive $5,100,000 $11,667,100 $16,767,100 Fair Lawn Park Estates 6 19-01 Route 208 $6,384,000 $8,885,500 $15,269,500 Columbia Bank 7 41-01 Route 4 $7,920,000 $5,280,500 $13,200,500 8 22-00-12 Maple Avenue $7,205,000 $5,871,900 $13,076,900 9 18-01 Pollitt Drive $7,402,500 $5,645,200 $13,047,700 / Complex 10 17-02 Nevins Road $6,278,100 $4,417,900 $10,696,000 11 15-00-58 Plaza Road $2,600,000 $7,900,000 $10,500,000 Plaza Road Co-Op 12 12-15 Saddle River Road $6,355,500 $4,109,500 $10,465,000 13 Fair Lawn Avenue $3,400,000 $6,950,600 $10,350,600 Hollow Run at Fair Lawn Apartments 14 16-31 Route 208 $9,950,000 0 $9,950,000 Fair Lawn Promenade 15 Fair Lawn Avenue $3,400,000 $6,469,600 $9,869,600 16 19-00 Pollitt Drive $4,231,100 $5,133,900 $9,365,000 Medco Health Solutions 17 Chandler Drive $2,700,000 $6,176,700 $8,876,700 Fair Lawn Park Estates 17 Chandler Drive $2,700,000 $6,176,700 $8,876,700 Fair Lawn Park Estates 19 26-10 Fair Lawn Avenue $2,350,000 $6,047,300 $8,397,300 Bergen Properties Apartments 20 17-01 Pollitt Drive $5,885,300 $1,837,100 $7,722,400 US Technologies//Kyodo Shipping & Trading/Henry Bros. Electronics 21 22-01 Fair Lawn Avenue $4,446,000 $3,059,000 $7,505,000 Radburn Shopping area near store 22 20-01 Broadway $4,289,500 $3,149,100 $7,438,600 23 19-05 Nevins Road $5,866,000 $1,430,300 $7,296,300 Global Transport Logistics 24 19-02 Nevins Road $5,561,500 $1,647,700 $7,209,200 25 445 Wagaraw Road $1,544,300 $5,606,200 $7,150,500 Uncle Bob's Storage

*Data provided by Fair Lawn Tax Assessor's Office. 

Note: Some of the property locations provided do not correspond with the street address of the property.


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Deleted because of harassment July 08, 2012 at 05:48 PM
Love how you repost your comments to edit out the rather obvious....I guess your ancestors came over on the Mayflower, speaking perfect King's English, since you are disturbed by people who migrate here, into a melting pot of a nation, aren't as perfect as you. Yes, bless America, except for those that bring a legacy of hatred and bigotry to the forefront whenever they open their virtual mouths. "Deleted, nothing against apartment dwellers, I personally liked the "Jeffersons" TV show. My point is that eventually those high taxed apartments you live in will be passed along to you and price you out, then when the floors and roof rot out the rents will drop much like the projects!" Want me to post all the versions of your comments that you posted and deleted, lest they reveal you in all your glory? You seem to forget that everything you post, even the ones you delete, get sent to those following the article's comments. My mother came over here and learned English as a second language, as did my great-grandparents on the other side of the family. My great-grandparents were landlords who bought a two-family house, then a small house and rented out the apartments, and eventually owned about two blocks of properties. That's what the American Dream is supposed to be about. Unfortunately, the bigots are always among us, denying everyone not like them a place to start, a place to live, a place to assimilate. Fortunately, most of the people here outnumber them. "
Vladimir Kukushkin July 11, 2012 at 02:11 AM
http://www.facebook.com/groups/335719726513710/members/#!/groups/335719726513710/members/ Open Group We are a group of Fair Lawn residents, who fed up with ever growing municipal and school budgets and unjustifiable property tax increases during times of weak economy. Our goal is to put restrains on Fair Lawn budget and taxes.
Fair Lawn Commoner July 11, 2012 at 02:22 AM
Vlad, is your group the one going around looking to cut Metzler's pay by 30k down to $110,000 and adding the residency requirement to his contract?
David Fidler July 12, 2012 at 10:36 PM
New Hampshire does not work for your anti-tax rhetoric as property taxes there are high. You need to live somewhere where low taxes exist in every sense and you get the services you deserve- South Carolina. And my sense of community most definitely does not come self-selected groups based on religion or ethnicity. I have no issue and no problem with people forming or joining those groups, but that's not community.
Zak Koeske July 12, 2012 at 10:45 PM
@David Regardless of the original purpose of the surplus, it is no longer just a "rainy day fund." Previous administrations used it by the millions each year to balance the budget and hold down taxes. Like I said above, if the surplus is depleted it'll create a large revenue hole in the budget that needs to be made up somewhere.


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