Where to Save Money at the Pump in Fair Lawn

Patch gives you the best local deals on gas

Looking to save every cent that you can in this tough economy? Start by filling up your tank at the local gas station with the lowest fuel price.

Patch helps you get your work week off on the right foot by posting the cheapest gas prices in Fair Lawn.

Below is a rundown of local gas prices as of this Monday (figures are for regular gas, unless indicated otherwise). If you've got cash in hand, the best deals come at a pair of Delta stations on Broadway—$3.299 per gallon by Hartley Place and ($3.359 credit) and $3.329 by 27th Street ($3.429 credit).

However, if you only have a credit card available when you pull into the station, the best deal in Fair Lawn is at Gulf, 20-11 Fair Lawn Ave.—$3.339 per gallon.

Enjoy your commute!

Gas Station

Price Per Gallon



$3.299 (cash price)

23-07 Broadway

Delta $3.329 (cash price) 26-10 Broadway



20-11 Fair Lawn Ave 



6-10 Saddle River Rd



21-22 Saddle River Rd



6-06 Plaza Rd



401 Wagaraw Rd

Zero Twenty Four $3.399 40-10 Broadway Exxon $3.439 22-20 Fair Lawn Ave



Route 208 & Plaza Rd


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