5 Things About Kids and Pool Safety

Patch rounds up tips to keep the little ones safe this summer

Summer is here and pools are in full swing both at private homes and public venues like swim clubs. Here are a few tips to keep the kids safe while having fun this summer. 

Having the right equipment makes the difference. Experts recommend installing a four foot high fence around residential pools with self-closing and self-latching gates to keep kids out of the pool when they cannot be supervised.

Keep your eyes on the kids at all times. Never leave any child unattended in a pool, no matter how shallow or how small. It takes only one inch of water to drown in and a child can drown in the time it takes to answer the phone.

Learn how to save a life. Take CPR and first aid and keep those certifications current. In a crisis, these skills can save lives poolside.

Keep safety equipment close. Be sure to always have a phone by the pool so you can call for help if needed. Also, don't forget to have floatation devices on hand in case a rescue needs to be made. 

Learn how to swim. We always sign the kids up for lessons, but what about the parents? Experts recommend that anyone entering the pool should have at least basic swim skills.


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