Kessler Institute in Saddle Brook Relocates 'Complex' Patients

The Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation has moved some of its patients to nearby facilities as a precautionary measure due to Hurricane Sandy

The Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in Saddle Brook moved some of its patients to nearby sister facilities early Monday afternoon as a precautionary measure, Kessler's communications director Gail Solomon said.

Solomon, the vice president of communications and public relations for Kessler, said the rehabilitation hospital moved its more "complex" patients from Saddle Brook to either its West Orange campus or Rochelle Park sister facility to ensure they continued to receive the care they needed. Other patients have remained at the Saddle Brook location.

Solomon said the hospital was "bone dry" as of 3:30 p.m., but that the call to move patients was taken as a preacautionary step. Sometimes during heavy rains, the Saddle Brook facility's parking lot and baesment take in water, she explained.

Although the possibility is unlikely, Solomon said the rehabilitation hospital has been working closely with Saddle Brook's Emergency Management Coordinator John Tuohy in case an evacuation is needed at some point during the storm.


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