'Undiscovered' Park Offers Prime Picnic Spot in Fair Lawn [VIDEO]

Video tour of beautiful park that few in town know exists.

There are several beautiful spots in or near Fair Lawn to picnic with your family or with a date. The best known is which has picnic tables, stoves and playgrounds for children.

Another nice spot is / with several picnic tables and a playground. It has an isolated section where you'll often see a couple lying on a quilt or on towels.

But perhaps the best picnic area in Fair Lawn is a mystery park that doesn’t appear on any maps and most people in Fair Lawn don’t know exists. This isolated park with a pretty grove of trees is quiet and peaceful. Now called Henderson Park, this beautiful park is one of the seven parks currently being voted on in the poll ""

To get to the "new" Henderson Park, go north on 11th Street past the . Go past a park on the right that is called Henderson Park on maps. Just before the turn onto Henderson Boulevard, on your left will be this wonderful park. It has no picnic tables yet, so bring a blanket.

The park borders a creek that Superintendent Jim Graff says floods the park after heavy rains.

“We maintain the park and cut the grass” said Graff, who considers the area an extension of Henderson Park. “But the flooding prevents it from being developed as a park”.

A nearby resident, Chris Lembke, who lives on Chester Street, said his kids grew up playing in the park and the whole neighborhood uses it. 

Another neighbor, Irene Slawenski, said her family calls it “the field” and they walk their dog there.

Fair Lawn historian Jane Diepeveen said the land was once considered for building senior housing.

Now it’s just the best picnic area in Fair Lawn.


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Deleted because of harassment September 13, 2012 at 10:23 PM
Been going there for years. When school lets out at nearby Westmoreland School, a lot of kids us it for all those things that kids use parks. Yes, it certainly does flood, particularly after a heavy rain causes Henderson Brook to overflow, and parts of it are perpetually muddy, but the stream has several points where it can be carefully crossed. There are a lot of wildlife in the area, particularly birds - I've spotted wild turkeys dodging out of sight, and herons near the 11th Street bridge, red-headed woodpeckers, and a lot of more common birds. Used to be wood ducks, but I haven't seen them in a few years. Very pretty and very wild - it's hard to beleive you are within blocks of both Route 208 and River Road and Maple Ave.


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