Fair Lawn Politics Rears Its Ugly Head

Political barbs get traded in Fair Lawn.

Kurt Peluso was incorrect when he said that Ed Trawinski and Jeanne Baratta were dual office holders.  They are simply elected councilpersons that have been appointed to very high county government jobs.

In the November 11th Patch article, Ed Trawinski and Jeanne Baratta gave examples of other elected members that previously held appointed positions while serving on the Fair Lawn Council.  I guess that makes it OK to them because “it is just that-a job”.  Politics is all about perception.  People are concerned about conflict of interest issues and their representatives' ability to vote on important matters.

Jeanne Baratta posted a comment at 5:02pm on Nov 11th that said, “I serve as a spokesperson for the administration; I do not have a vote nor do I make policy decisions.”  This statement is not true.  Please refer to this Bergen Record article where Jeanne Baratta is, in fact, serving on the Advisory Committee on Law Enforcement Consolidation.  Recommendations of this panel will be used for policy changes. 

A lot of hostility is now brewing inside and outside of Fair Lawn.  In a Bergen Record article, Ed Trawinski blasted Senator Gordon and ended his 24 year friendship over a campaign ad for the American Dream Meadowlands.

This is the same project for which Kathe Donovan’s personal advisor, Alan Marcus, was hired to consult.  This announcement was released on Nov 1st and I’m sure it .

I believe this is why District 38 was won by Gordon.  The newly redrawn district had about a 3,000 Republican voter advantage according to 2010 Voter Vault data.

Kurt Peluso is misled by thinking anything will change if Ed Trawinski and Jeanne Baratta resigned.  In other words, it will be business as usual.  Alan Marcus instructed them to finish their tenure and not seek reelection.

Michael Agosta

Musa Qala, Afghanistan

Serving Proudly!

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Avi Bloom November 15, 2011 at 05:01 PM
Mr Agosta as a newcomer to Fairlawn, please tell me if it is true that it was Mr Marcus's client Hovananian or associates of his started all the attacks against you and your family back in 2010 when you ran.? Also did Hovanian finance Aslanians campaign back then? there are so many questions that you need to answer about what really happened back then as our neighbors tell us that most of Fairlawns infighting started during that primary.
truthhurts November 15, 2011 at 11:12 PM
So what you are saying Mr. Agosta, is that Trawinski and Baratta have been instructed by Mr. Marcus and Kathe Donovan to remain on the Fair Lawn council despite the negative perception this creates. Why would they take such a public relations risk? If Trawinski and Baratta vote on appoinments and contracts in Fair Lawn, surely there will be a perception that whoever they appoint or vote to do business with will be dictated by others.
Go Figure November 16, 2011 at 04:40 AM
They can't do any worse than this last governing body. That group has ruined Fair Lawn and it is going to take a lot of hard work and good decisions to get us back on the right track. How about let's give these leaders a chance and then make our comments on the job they do.


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