Celebrate Mother’s Day.... Every Day!

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Happy Mother’s day to all! I am sure you are all thinking, the wishes are belated, but why not consider to honor our “mothers” every day?

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the endless depth of love that our mothers share.  Mothers have a unique way to guide their wisdom with all who cross their paths. Their words come from an inner knowing and awareness of what is needed to be shared at a particular moment. They are the constant stable center core of each and every family! A mother’s gift is one of nurturing which fills our spirit and our souls through every dimension.

When I wrote this column sitting in Preakness Health Care Center of Wayne, I witnessed an angelic woman who faithfully cared for her husband. The gentle tender compassion that extended from her hands silently revealed what is in her heart. Mothering comes in all forms: birth mothers, grandmothers, step mothers, godmothers, surrogate mothers, and one that’s very close to my heart single dads. These are just a few forms that come to mind and are an example  of the constant “essence of love.”

I make a point of going back to basics and go outdoors to places like in Fair Lawn, or to a zoo. Here is where we get to see mother nature at work and we can appreciate the simple things in life. The birds feeding their babies, or the family of ducks walking with a trail of their ducklings trailing in formation behind their parents. Or at the zoo, where the horses, lions, bears and monkeys foster their offspring and cultivate their growth. It is so beautiful and surreal to experience the free spirited way that mother nature allows the circle of life to manifest.   

It is a known fact that women are so busy in giving that they overlook taking care of themselves. Hats off to Comprehensive Women's Healthcare, which is located on Broadway in Fair Lawn, for specializing in caring for all areas of female health.

Pick up your cell phone now and give that special mother in your life a call. I did! Called my mother, who is, Mayda Prado. She is living her life as an example that we must always strive to keep evolving and grow. We must always travel and experience new cultures to understand the universal world.   

Saying, a simple “thank you” to our “moms,” when unexpected and is expressed from your heart, makes a difference in their lives. Or how about a surprise appearance at a friend’s mom who you know is alone and could just use a hug! Why not bring some Goodies from Fair Lawn's  and enjoy the moment? These are the moments that will be remembered! Giving and sharing the love that is in your heart is not only for those who are receiving, but fulfilling and nurturing for our own souls.

So what do you say, let’s cherish and illuminate the lives of the mother figure in our lives, not only on Mother’s Day but every day!

RenéMarie of Hawthorne is a singer, writer and performer. She founded RM Productions Company in late 2001 with a modest vision. Today she is guided and driven to expand that vision with greater plans for entertaining, producing, motivating and inspiring people through song, producing an Aphasia “Language of Love”  Telethon ( ReneMarie is a stroke survivor), as well as her essential mission to give back to others through her “Seeds of Love” Ministry. "RenéMarie” has had the honor of being a member of The Recording Academy (The Grammy’s) since 2007, ASCAP (The American Society of Composer, Authors and Publishers), Sing For Hope. Website: www.renemarieproductions.com.

To book ReneMarie or for other questions, contact the office at 973-985-0420 or rmproductions777@aol.com.


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