Have You 'Natured' In Fair Lawn?

Taking in more than Route 4 and other highways

I find nature amazing.

And what's with this Radburn name anyway? It's everywhere.

Okay, here goes. I'm a big proponent of recognizing what's to my right and left, and not only what I can trip over or what's immediately in eye's view. You see, many will hop in a car, drive through Fair Lawn and meet Routes 4 or 208 or another highway, with nary a glance at what lingers on the roadside. They'll miss the tiny blades of grass, the decayed and fallen tree limb, the nuisance weeds and the singing sparrow. When I can, I try to notice them.

I'm at the picnic table at Daly Field, which is private property of the Radburn Association. The picnic bench itself is chained to a neighboring tree.

I'm not a nature expert, nor a good estimator of acreage, so it's hard to tell how big Daly Field really is. The setting is serene, almost what you would expect on a sunny, 80-degree day. Birds are chirping, a nice level of green grass prevails down a slight hill, the area maintained up until a fence separates wild growth from the main part of the field. Also in the distance, an old basketball backboard and hoop reign along the Plaza Drive side.

I could return to this picnic table one day, and sit and perhaps read a book–and maybe (okay, definitely) I will. But here's the main question: How many people have ever come here, minus walking a dog and playing ball, to explore, investigate nature? How many have taken a close peek at a downed tree on Chiefs Way (Berdan Avenue)? Walked to that fence roughly 50 yards away and compare the growth? I wonder, have deer been spotted here? Bears?

Remember, I'm no nature expert, but just someone who marvels at things sometimes silent that I often–and perhaps–shouldn't ignore.

Be well,


Maureen Moriarty November 19, 2010 at 07:04 PM
Hi Steve, great article. Our vision of open space is going to be lost by the 165+ unit development that will be a wall of buildings along Berdan Avenue and Plaza Road. Daly Field used to be a park that was shared by Fair Lawn and Radburn residents. It had three baseball diamonds. The new development will have an internal park but only for Radburn residents. I am a Radburn resident and a member of the Fair Lawn Open Space Committee, doing everything I can to preserve Daly Field.
Phil Kestenbaum December 07, 2010 at 07:07 PM
As well, it will contribute to making the already difficult traffic situation in that part of town exponentially much much worse. Cars will have longer waits at lights, and so they will seek short cuts and alternatives, going on our very narrow streets. Warren road for example, is a busy road now, as it's use to circumvent the traffic nightmare we have largely because of the Radburn train station and its shutting the street for 10 minutes during rush hour. The other streets adjacent to this development are even narrower. This development will ruin whatever quality of life this area has left.
Phil Kestenbaum December 07, 2010 at 07:09 PM
In answer to the OP, I like the B park for walking through it. I go there often. It's hard to cross Fair Lawn Ave. though. I truly wish we could reduce the traffic problems caused by the Radburn Train station.
Steve Sears February 06, 2011 at 02:31 AM
Hi Maureen; I'm glad you liked the article. I enjoyed writing it. Steve


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