One Mother's Wish List for the Fair Lawn School System

The school district recently received a state aid increase of $797,621 for 2011-2012

The Fair Lawn School District recently learned that it will have access to for 2011-2012 than it received in 2010-11. The $1.9 million in assistance from New Jersey is still a far cry from the $5.2 million borough schools received in 2009-10, but the additional funds call for a closer examination of how the district should spend the aid.

Here are five outside-the-box suggestions from this parent’s point of view:


Music is the “Language of Love." As an entertainer, it’s my intention to craft my audience into a happy space. Isn’t that why we have pep rallies for sporting events? Or why we go to our iPods to get lost inside ourselves? Music is the way.  


No matter what our age, we all need some uplifting motivation in our lives. Invest in motivational or life coaches to provide lectures.


The excitement of being a part of a team is that win or lose, you're achievements are made together. You “feel” the experience. Football, bowling, softball, chess, and tennis, to just mention a few. These are the times of our children’s lives!   


Our children are the future! Welcome mediation into our classrooms. When we think back on our young days, what fulfilled our desires? A few influential pieces of advice that I received in my life were as follows:

1. To always be humble and grateful

2. To be at peace within myself

3. To give from my heart


Money should not be the determining factor in nourishing our children! Perception is a big influence on what a child will eat. Figs—the sound or look of them—does not invite me (I don’t know about you) to engage in eating one. However, my grandparents had two fig trees in their backyard. My grandmother created this wonderful salad with nuts, veggies and leaf lettuce that they grew in their garden. It wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I learned how my grandmother added figs to the salad! I was simply amazed.

Presentation and perception could both convince a child to eat a healthy meal. We are all aware that healthy foods are higher in price, and I have spoken to many families in the area who have a passion that a children shouldn't go hungry.

I support the Jeff Bridges National Spokesperson of No Kid Hungry Campaign. Possible, our schools can contact the Jeff Bridges camp and join the campaign.

RenéMarie of Hawthorne is a singer, writer and performer. She has founded RM Productions Company in late 2001 with a modest vision. Today she is guided and driven to expand that vision with greater plans for entertaining, producing, motivating and inspiring people through song, producing an Aphasia Language of Love Telethon (she is a stroke survivor), and giving back to others through her Seeds of Love Ministry. Visit her website, www.renemarieproductions.com, call her office at 973-985-0420, or email her at rmproductions777@aol.com


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