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VOTE: What Are Your Thoughts on Tuesday's Election Results?

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After months of campaigning, debating and plenty of mudslinging, Democrats , and Republican  .

Next year, the winners will join Republicans Ed Trawinski and Jeanne Baratta on council, which for the first time in over a decade will have a Republican majority.

Were you generally pleased with the results of the election? Were you disappointed? Surprised?

It's unlikely that all three of the candidates you voted for (if you voted) got in, but going forward, do you feel confident in the new Republican majority? Do you think it'll be able to steer Fair Lawn in the right direction? Given the , do you think both sides will be able to work together effectively?

T.Maher November 16, 2011 at 01:23 AM
after reading thru the mountains of crap sent out by all these clowns, I can only conclude they all suck-as that is what each one said about the other- and none of them could possibly have been lying about the other- could they?


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