What a Pet Can Add to Your Family

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My 10-year-old daughter Melissa and her father, Jim, are insisting that we purchase a dog? We both work and my children are involved with year-round sports. We saw this adorable poodle puppy at Paramus Park mall. Do you think it’s fair to bring a dog into this very active family?

Family pets add important dimensions and pure love into our worlds.

In a gentle way these precious creatures help to teach our children responsibilities. My children and I had to put our Beagle (Brandy) to sleep, and our home felt empty. When we decided to bring another family member into our lives I thought to myself that this is the perfect window to teach my children about making good life decisions. We sat over many dinner and talked about what type of pet we wanted, where we would get our new member and if we felt that we had the time. We considered the positives and the negatives about these responsibilities by making a list, to make a sound and calculated decision.  

One of the things that we felt was important was that we were going to rescue our friend. On this search, we did not feel that connection to any of the animals that we visited. Then we attended an Animal Shelters Saturday at Pet Smart, and these beautiful eyes were gazing at us. It was like she was saying, "I have been waiting for you!" She took our breath away. My girls and I just knew that this was our new family member. We filled out all the paperwork and were so excited when they said "She’s yours!" Once we got home and sat down, we once again had to work together to set a game plan, but we the excitement of pulling together a plan of action for Winter was easy!

Pets force us to stop and enjoy our days, and like our children they add love and tenderness to our lives. They are so smart and sense when we are driving down the roar, waiting with such joy that they can’t wait to greet us. You see a smile coming off their faces, which is infectious. In our lives we need to enjoy simple unconditional love, and one venue to receive this love is through our dear pets.

I hope that you do find it in your heart to bring a little creature that has gotten your attention into your home. Possibly you will consider visiting rescue centers that are in our area, including New Jersey Pet Shelters, Pet Smart Adoption, and the Bergen County Animal Shelter. Once you do, I have found a great store called on Broadway in Fair Lawn, where you can pamper your new family member. Check it out and always follow the love that flows from your heart ... You’ll never go wrong!

RenéMarie of Hawthorne is a singer, writer and performer. She has founded RM Productions Company in late 2001 with a modest vision. Today she is guided and driven to expand that vision with greater plans for entertaining, producing, motivating and inspiring people through song, producing an Aphasia Language of Love Telethon (she is a stroke survivor), and giving back to others through her Seeds of Love Ministry. Visit her website, www.renemarieproductions.com, call her office at 973-985-0420, or email her at rmproductions777@aol.com

Julia Enerson April 13, 2011 at 08:01 PM
Yes, pets do add so much to our lives and by finding the perfect match at a shelter, you saved a life!


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