Fair Lawn Police to Add 2 Officers

The new hires will bring the force level from 54 to 56

Two new police officers will join the next week, Chief Erik Rose said.

Juan Rodriguez and Luke Hintzen will be sworn in as Fair Lawn police officers at and begin their duties either Tuesday or Wednesday morning next week.

Both men worked previously for the Paterson Police Department.

The hires will bring the police force levels to 56, although Rose said the effective number will be 55 temporarily until a replacement for an officer who retired earlier this month is found.

As recently as late 2009, the had 64 officers, but layoffs and retirements have reduced the staff in recent years.

A state police study that used staffing data from late 2009, found that Fair Lawn’s police force was understaffed in comparison to other police departments in Bergen County and across the state.

Despite the layoffs, .

Bruce Knuckle November 18, 2011 at 03:03 AM
4life, you must be a councilman to suggest I run for office. You miss the point. The elected officials should be doing these things for the betterment of FL, but as you see in the Patch everyday, The elected officials are to busy fighting with each other . If you do not declare a party, you are destined to lose. Just ask Stu Pace. The truth is, I couldn't be a councilman because I have to work to pay the ridiculous taxes in this town. The taxes that pay for lack of code enforcement, a gazillion dollar rec center, A boro manager that only God knows what he does etc etc etc..... I earned the right and PAID for the right to sit here and complain. Wanna shut me up councilman, do something positive instead of putting the town on a suicide course. And the REAL reason I do not run for council is,,,,when I go to the circus I prefer to watch, not be part of it.....Give me a reason to cheer and I will MR COUNCILMAN
FL4LIFE November 18, 2011 at 02:06 PM
trust me bruce i am no councilmen- didnt like any of the canidate enough to vote for one- let alone be one. i was just alittle put off by the negative post- complaining bout benefits instead of some positive response to getting 2 new cops. i dont care anyway you guys convinced me to move to paterson because according to all of you its just as safe there. enjoy the circus bruce- if things were actually run efficiently here i dont know what you people would do with your free time
publius November 18, 2011 at 02:40 PM
Once again I am seeing what should have been a positive report turned into a slug fest between posts. Comparing Fair Lawn to Paterson is comparing apples to oranges for the most part.; HOWEVER because the borough sits adjacent to Paterson we do experience what I like to call the spill over effect. AND because the boro has two state highways running through it, we are considered to be in a transient position. By spill over effect I mean that crime and the dredges of Paterson do spill over to our community. Ask anyone who lives along the border and they will agree. This is part of the course for towns that are next to a major city. This has always occurred but has been doing so an alarmingly increased rate lately. By transient I mean that the two state highways allow criminals to travel between NYC and Paterson to run their guns and drugs along Rt 4 and other criminal elements use 208 in a similar manner. This is not something I have made up, rather this pattern of criminal behavior is something that has been identified by local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Fair Lawn IS NOT what it was 25 years ago, it is better in some ways and not so in other ways. Keeping ones head in the sand, denying there are REAL issues and by continuing to place the blame on the wrong person or agency WILL NOT make this community a safe place to live in nor will it make it a happy place. So instead of complaining, perhaps we should celebrate by saying Mazel tov!
TheObserver November 18, 2011 at 10:39 PM
You know 4life, ive been reading these exchanges and i gotta say YOU certainly react like a politician! You havent provided the numbers that ypu claimed and NOW you shifted gears and say things like you expected positive reaction or they convinced you Paterson was safer...That is just empty rhetoric and strays from tou initial postings. I dont understand your motivation other rhan to think Bruce is on the right track.
Deleted because of harassment November 19, 2011 at 12:14 AM
I'm happy they hired at least two more officers, but I will be happier when the lack of leadership and those that do not provide it have retired out of the department. There is a significant problem when any PD is eating it's own, having to be sued into acting responsively to complaints from within and constantly losing those suits because they have merit yet the leadership emerges unscathed from them. There are some officers that I would not let in my house, much less want responding in an emergency, and others that are the prototype for police work that are doing so surrounded by a poisonous atmosphere that never seems to be controlled. The sooner Fair Lawn has a lot of newer faces in uniform, the better, because that will also mean those that spend their time doing a disservice to the public will be gone that much sooner.


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