Unattended Candle Sparks 'Preventable' Doctor's Office Fire

Fair Lawn fire marshal Jay Bender advises residents and business owners never to leave candles unattended, following a small fire Monday at a Fair Lawn doctor's office.

A candle left unattended in a doctor's office at a Fair Lawn wellness center Monday caused a small fire that could have been prevented, fire marshal Jay Bender said.

The office manager at the Tri-State Health and Wellness Medical Center, located at 31-00 Broadway, called to report the fire around 12:30 p.m., Bender said.

He said an employee lit an aromatic candle in a treatment room where a patient was being treated with acupuncture and that both the employee and the patient left the room "only for a second."

Upon returning, Bender said they found the candle had ignited nearby combustible material and filled the room with smoke.

Although an employee was able to smother the fire and no one was hurt, Bender said he gave the employees a lecture on leaving open flames in unattended areas.

You should never leave a candle unattended, even if it's "only for a second," he said he told them.


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