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Four Accused of Brazen Home Invasion in Paramus

The quartet allegedly tied up a 67-year-old homeowner with a phone cord and then ransacked his house, report said.

Four people were arrested Wednesday after a daytime home invasion robbery and kidnapping in Paramus, NorthJersey.com reported.

According to the report, police say the robbers knocked on the door of a Mill Run home in the middle of the day. When the 67-year-old homeowner didn't answer, the thieves smashed the back door, the report said.

When the homeowner confronted them, they overpowered him and tied him down with telephone cord, the report said. The quartet then allegedly ransacked the home and fled, the report said.

The homeowner was able to free himself and call police with a description of the four people and their car, the report said.

Cops pulled the car over on Route 4 where they say two of the thieves fled, the report said. One ran across Route 4 and a police officer and a civilian chased and apprehended him, the report said.

All four were apprehended by police, but have not yet been identified, the report said.
Politics.man May 26, 2014 at 10:53 PM
youve been to the hood? what hood/s have you've had the pleasure of visiting?. prob. not like the one I lived blocks from. And if prison was such a luxury, then why do they always run? and the quality of people im talking about wouldnt be receiving punishment for slacking off. they would be getting discharged for assaulting their drill sergeant. // its a weapon, fine, does the terminology make you feel better? Its still proven to have saved innocent lives. Weapons happen to be a very affective TOOL in defense. Honestly, as far as I'm concerned, people who share your opinion on Gun Control have already lost and i dont understand why you people perpetuate it. Gun Control that you and others are looking for attacks non-criminal/ responsible gun owners where a problem doesnt exist. I think we should focus on where the problem does exist. Gang Violence and Mental illness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcJLOrX8TbU This video verbalizes how silly gun control is.. Id like to add that other than a fully auto weapon band, all other gun bands are silly (magezine size, stock type, barrel type) Proof of this is that the deadliest mass shooting in US history was done by a pistol in VT.
Politics.man May 26, 2014 at 11:45 PM
Phil Brooks May 27, 2014 at 09:24 AM
Politics.man, It seems obvious to me that you have at least some trouble reading and comprehending. So, let's do this again. I would like to see all guns eliminated except for law enforcement, military and narrow public use. Quite honestly, I don't understand the love affair many people have with the things that the only way they'd get taken was from their "cold, dead hands." Guns are weapons, designed for one purpose only--to threaten, maim and kill. REALISTICALLY, however, as entrenched as they are in this country, we won't get rid of them in the same way we tried to get rid of alcohol (and failed) and drugs (failed there, too). So, I offered a solution. Mandatory military service for all, at which time people would be trained in the proper use of artillery and, seeing that it's the military, learn some regimentation and respect and work together as a team. Lord knows there are plenty of our youth who could use some direction. And, yet, you somehow found fault with that--that we could spend money on trying to eliminate gang violence and getting a handle on mental illness. Funny, as many gun owners tend to lean more than a bit to the right, I see a liberal side coming out of you; throwing money at the problem. You claimed you've lived near the 'hood. Goody for you. It's not far from me to Paterson, either. And I worked in the city, too, and, though I didn't live or walk through Bushwick and Bed Stuy, I walked and otherwise commuted through shady neighborhoods. That proves nothing. // I think our politicians are too entrenched in "feel good" solutions and I rather enjoyed that speech you posted. Yeah, if our politicians were the first ones in, they'd have a far different mentality. // In conclusion, though I'd like to get rid of guns, I realize that it isn't possible. So, the next step is education. Not money and BS DARE-type programs (they've worked well, haven't they? --sarcasm), but, rather, immersion, as in military, as anything else is a half-measure, at best. So, can someone be anti-gun and pro-gun at the same time in the same way someone can be anti-abortion and pro-choice at the same time (which is me, by the way, as I'm against abortion except in certain circumstances, but it's not my business to tell people what to do with their bodies)? Yes, as I'm anti-gun but I'm also a realist and gun education where someone gets immersed, as I've described above is far better than trying to target gangs and mental illness. Your turn.
Politics.man May 27, 2014 at 05:38 PM
no, reading comprehension isnt problem. if ive miss read something of yours, its prob due to apathy of you're opinion at this point cause of how outrageous it is. Ive proven to you over and over how you are wrong and all you've done is called me stupid.// I never said i was a conservative. im anti-infringement of my civil liberties. A libertarian if you will. // Also, cause you live 3 towns away from paterson somewhere in bergen county doesnt mean you live near the hood. I lived and breathed the hood and i know what comes out of there and no military training is going to fix that. In conclusion, every single place in this world where guns were surrendered by the public, tyranny ran wild. I understand that there is a sensible side to you,(limited) but gun control laws arent going to fix crime it has been statistically proven over and over. criminals are not going to comply with regulations when committing a crime. simple fact.
Phil Brooks May 27, 2014 at 10:31 PM
Politics.man, Tell me stuff I DON'T know. // Mandatory military service as I've described is "outrageous" but throwing money and trying to eliminate gangs and somehow corral mental illness isn't? Sorry, but I fail to see your logic. If you want to get a handle on things, you'd have to get rid of the breeding ground. And that would be to knock down all the apartment buildings and build houses instead as putting more people in a small area (let's call it the "projects") can only be a breeding ground for all kinds of crap. // I know the gun control laws don't work. Maybe it's time for something more extreme. Throwing money isn't extreme. It's damned liberal is what it is. And, sorry, it's already proven that it doesn't work and, if it isn't stupid, it sure as heck is insane (doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result).


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