It's Official: Swain, Peluso and Cosgrove Win Council Seats

Fair Lawn's Borough Council will have a Republican majority for the first time in more than a decade

Democrats (3,901 votes) and (3,644 votes), and Republican (3,733 votes) finished as the three highest vote-getters in Tuesday's election, the confirmed late Tuesday night.

The winners will join Republicans Ed Trawinski and Jeanne Baratta on Fair Lawn's borough council come January.

Democratic Chairman Barry Winston said it will be the first time the Republicans have controlled Fair Lawn's council since 1998.

In all, seven candidates vied for the three open borough council seats, all of which are currently held by Democrats. 

, Fair Lawn’s mayor and the night's top vote-getter, was the only incumbent running. Neither Deputy Mayor Joe Tedeschi nor Deputy Mayor Steve Weinstein sought re-election.

Democratic candidate  finished fourth and out of the running with 3,475 votes.

Republicans  (3,207 votes) and  (3,055 votes) came in fifth and sixth, respectively. 

Independent , who was seeking to become the first non-affiliated candidate to win a council seat in Fair Lawn history, received 720 votes.

The split vote that brought two Democrats onto council but gave the Republicans a council majority left both the Democratic and Republican afterparties somewhat subdued. Both parties said they had expected a full sweep.

LittlePEOPLEcount November 09, 2011 at 10:54 AM
Yes, the mistakes of past, all catching up regarding furlough's, layoffs, fake zero percent municipal increases, lies about changing the health care for boro emloyees, daly field, McMansions, mal-treatment/mistreatment of boro employees were exhibited in last nights vote. Apparently the "little" people have a voice, and their votes counted! Congratulations John Cosgrove!
John Cosgrove November 09, 2011 at 01:20 PM
Thanks to all who voted for me! It will be an honor privilage to serve the people of Fair Lawn on the Borough Council. A special thanks to my two great running mates Pam Coles & Joan fragala for their hard work and dedication to Fair Lawn. Also like to congratulate Lisa and Kurt and pledge to the people of Fair Lawn that I will work with them to move Fair Lawn forward!!!!
Wayne Robbins November 09, 2011 at 06:54 PM
Congrats to all the winners, and a Tip of my Hat to all those that ran for office...we appreciate those folks who care about Fair Lawn, and try to make it one of the best communities in NJ
delgado November 12, 2011 at 10:20 PM
Great, now will Cosgrove explain to everyone why he supported the BCIA for the Fair Lawn Communtiy Center and how Trewinksi and Barrata said it is corrupt and illegal and a criminal corrupt scam and now Trewinkski and Barrata are doing the same thing at the corrupt BCIA and Trewinski is also ILLEGALLY also a BCIA COMMISSIONER!!! can someone say AWKWARD..... Barrata and Trweinski must resign!!
truthhurts November 12, 2011 at 10:51 PM
How much more is Trawinski getting paid as a BCIU Commissioner? Funny, when disparaging Ganz for borrowing the money from BCIU for the community center, the Trawinski & Baratta campaign website says this: "The BCIA is an out-of-control, independent authority run by political appointees of Bergen County political Boss Joe Ferriero." So now Trawinski is the political appointee running this shadow government. Trawinski's description in the Record yesterday of what he plans to do to fund the Xanadu project makes you feel that everything is under control now at the BCIU. This reads like a Bernie Madoff scheme! From the Record article: "“Not one penny of taxpayer money will be committed to that project,” Trawinski said. “This authority may be asked to provide pass-through assistance, not assistance.” He described a possible scenario in which the county would be involved in the financing. ...East Rutherford would issue the bonds, but the borough would begin getting repaid by a bond issued simultaneously by the BCIA. The BCIA, in turn, would sell its bond obligation to a non-profit based in Louisiana, Trawinski said. That non-profit would then sell its obligation to a state financing authority in Wisconsin. That authority would then sell the bonds to investors, who would bear all the risk, Trawinski said. Trawinski said the non-profit would be involved because the BCIA would not otherwise be allowed to sell its bonds directly to another state finance authority.


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