Parking Rate Change Concerns to be Addressed at Next Council Meeting

An ordinance amending the Fair Lawn vehicles and traffic ordinance was approved last month.

Parking signs at the Radburn Station. File photo.
Parking signs at the Radburn Station. File photo.
A change in the system and fees for parking at Fair Lawn train station lots has drawn a number of questions and concerns from residents, so the borough council will discuss the issue again at their Jan. 14 meeting, according to a notice from officials.

The ordinance, which can be viewed starting on page five here, replaces the annual parking sticker fee of $54 for borough residents or $188 for non-residents to a daily fee of $1 for residents or $2 for non-residents. The ordinance was approved by the council last month.

The new system will allow drivers to pay via smart phone app, according to the notice. There is currently a grace period in which police will not enforce the new rules as the new program is implemented.

The nine-page ordinance makes numerous changes to parking rules around the borough. Annual fees for street parking permits — in neighborhoods where they're required — were also amended from $22 with a limit of one vehicle per residence to $100 for the first vehicle and another $50 for each additional vehicle, with the maximum set at two unless police deem otherwise.
Lakeland63 January 04, 2014 at 01:04 PM
Up until two years ago, I was a former resident of Carlton Place in Fairlawn Park Estates. I felt the complex was managed well and all necessary services provided in a timely manor. I am shocked to see the Annual fees for street parking permits — in neighborhoods where they're required — were also amended from $22 with a limit of one vehicle per residence to $100 for the first vehicle and another $50 for each additional vehicle, with the maximum set at two unless police deem otherwise. I did not know any of my neighbors who could afford to throw away $88.00, or more. They cover the property tax for Fairlawn Park Estates in their rent. The only way this would be fair, if all residents are required to pay for overnight street parking. I am so happy to be in Berkley Township, (Ocean County), the only restriction to street parking is during snow, until the street is plowed. I have seen very few residents park on the road at any time. We do not have to call the police when visitors park on the roadway at our residence. We do not have to buy parking decals for overnight parking. I like the Fairlawn police and I am sure this is not there idea. I also like the Berkeley Township police, as they are not tied up with parking issues.
John Acampora January 05, 2014 at 11:07 AM
The proposed increase is astronomical and is going to be a hardship on many people. Let me guess how many of the people who approved this increase actually park there. In addition, there are some of us, like me sadly, who do not have a smartphone and don't really want one. This is just another way the people who run this town are making it harder for people to stay here.....
Deleted because of harassment January 05, 2014 at 05:39 PM
All that is going to be accomplished is to discourage the use of mass transit by those that can't walk or be dropped off at the station. Combine that dollar or two a day with no guaranteed parking space and the ever increasing fares and it's a matter of making people who want to do the right thing pay for the privilege. My husband stopped buying the parking permits because he had to leave a 6:30 AM to be sure to have a place to park - he started walking instead. But the real unfairness is balancing the taxes on the backs of those that have no choice - like those who live in apartments with inadequate parking, or commute to work. Or use water.
BellairBerdan January 06, 2014 at 09:51 AM
This is the problem when you elect people that don't represent the majority of citizens. Those elites who think a $25 per hour increase in pay for one of their own is "nominal" will never understand how an increase in fees will effect a regular worker. Those that say they'll serve for nothing aren't saving us money, they are spending their time bettering their political futures. Why take the time to find new revenue streams when it's easier to take more from those who are already paying? You get what you pay for. Maybe this is why no matter how many surveys say how great Fair Lawn is we see our property values and home sale prices continue to drop while the towns around us are on the rise.
John Acampora January 06, 2014 at 03:54 PM
Just an FYI.... The Patch reported a related story in June of 2012 and indicated that this would be happening by 2014. Many of the program's points were covered in that article. Here is a link to that story: http://fairlawn-saddlebrook.patch.com/groups/politics-and-elections/p/boroughs-mulls-commuter-parking-shake-up-rate-increase


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