Residents Hire Attorney to Oppose Daly Field Development

Attorney Joel Rosen spoke at Monday's Planning Board meeting on the group's behalf

A group of Fair Lawn residents calling themselves "Neighbors to Save Daly Field," have retained a land-use attorney to help make their case against the and the Hayward properties along Plaza Road.

"We think we've been successful in getting some points across," said Michael Roney, one of the group's leaders who has spoken previously at planning board hearings on the development, "but we feel that, they have attorneys, they have experts. It only helps our cause if we also rely on professionals to state our case."

Roney said it was the group's intention to ensure that the controversial development is exhaustively vetted, so as to protect the health and welfare of Fair Lawn residents.

"From my perspective, it's not something that the majority of people of Fair Lawn want," he said. "It's something that was forced upon us, so we're here to do whatever is necessary to make sure that, to the greatest extent possible, the people of Fair Lawn are protected from this development, however that may turn out."

Attorney Joel M. Rosen, based in Bloomfield, made his first appearance on the group's behalf at . He spoke three times following the developer's testimony, asking a variety of questions that ranged from the development's fire apparatus accessibility to its estimated build year.

Rosen said he had heard of the development prior to being retained by the group but acknolwedged that he was still getting caught up on its history.

"I'm getting educated very, very quickly," he said.

Monthly planning board hearings on the proposed Landmark development, which began in March, will continue next month, on August 13, with the discussion of environmental issues associated with the project.

Neighbors to Save Daly Field is collecting donations and posting updates at www.yourneighbors.org and www.savedalyfield.com.


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Kathy Moore July 15, 2012 at 02:01 PM
Mr. Rosen clearly stated at Monday's planning board who is clients are. The quote below should explain a thing or two to you. From my perspective, it's not something that the majority of people of Fair Lawn want," he said. "It's something that was forced upon us, so we're here to do whatever is necessary to make sure that, to the greatest extent possible, the people of Fair Lawn are protected from this development, however that may turn out."
The Most Interesting Man in the World August 07, 2012 at 01:26 PM
These hearings are all for naught, this is a done deal that already had its day in court and was decided in the developer's favor because they are simply using the property for the zoned use. In fact, the developer is is making the property less dense than permitted by the judge and the specifications merely have to minimally comply to standards. Hiring an attorney at this point is just a waste of money, just ask him what he thinks he can really change and see what he says. Now that he has been educated and if he is honest he will say the truth, which is nothing. The public has a right to speak, but it is just too late to affect real change. At the next Planning Board hearing, just simply ask the Board members do they have the power to overrule the judge's decision and stop the development from happening, which they will answer "no." Then ask what aspects of this development can be changed and see what they say. Maybe they will tell you something that you may care about like the bushes in the landscaping or grade of construction materials, but that is about it for public input for change. I'm not saying this is just or serves the interest of the residents, but this is the reality.
The Most Interesting Man in the World August 08, 2012 at 02:31 PM
A real judge in a real court has already ordered that the developer can build. His vote counts. Therefore, the Planning Board is not voting "like a judge" on the subject of will it be built as that matter has been decided. The meat has been served by a real judge, they only get to vote on the crumbs. On Monday, please indulge me and just ask the Board Chairman if they have the authority to stop Daly Field from being developed by Landmark. Once you and everyone else in the room hears the word "no" come out of his mouth and Zak prints n Patch, that will end all the speculation and verbal flatulence being aired here on what is going to happen. Since this is the only real subject everyone cares about, the only question remaining is will the new attorney continue to give the objectors false hope and the billable hours that go along with that or what I think, which is that the objectors want to only invest in stopping the development and not how high the bushes will be, they will pull the plug on funding Attorney Rosen.
Julia Enerson August 09, 2012 at 08:35 PM
Reality? Whenever this group "hires" a lawyer, there's some cost involved to every Fair Lawn taxpayer and Radburn resident. The time to affect real change was in front of their face years ago. Instead, you just have another legacy of failure.
The Most Interesting Man in the World August 09, 2012 at 10:14 PM
I guess it does cost all FL residents in legal fees because the FL paid attorney is paid to respond to legal inquisitions. That is what I said above, the time for change was years ago, that is why it is pointless and a further waste of money to hire a lawyer to further perpetuate the inevitable. Developing Daly Field for its zoned use is legal, can't stop it. This was unpopular, so the politicans of the day stonewalled the developer and developer sued and won. The Borough Attorney advised to appeal and lost all the appeals, maybe 5 or so, taking years and paying him handsomely for it. Thousands and thousands of dollars just handed over. Meanwhile the attorney knows you can't win because the simple fact is the developer is developing Daly Field for its zoned use. However the politicians of the day got their chance to run away from this unpopular development and the borough attorney was happy to advise the council to appeal and give himself more money. If this situation is not bad enough paying all these legal fees, the judge sees this as harrassment over all the appeals and hands over a developer's remedy. This gives the developer a huge advantage in shaping the development and minimizes the FL Planning Board influence. FLPB represents the interest of the residents. So not only did FL taxpayers pay the most you could possibly pay for bad legal advice, we get the worst possible outcome.


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