Memorial Pool Membership Held Steady, Non-Resident Use Spiked in 2012

Despite a slight increase in pool membership over last year, revenues dipped a bit this summer.

Concerns about the negative environmental impact of Hurricane Irene and the ensuing flooding of Memorial Pool on the bathing beach's sand seem to have had no discernible impact on pool membership this summer -- particularly for out of town residents.

Membership rates, which have hardly fluctuated in the last decade, held steady in 2012. This summer, 4,673 individuals joined the pool -- the third highest amount since 2004 and up slightly from last year.

Since 2004, some 4,500 people — or about 14 percent of the borough's population — join the pool on average each year.

While total membership numbers were in line with years past, a breakdown of membership types reveals a number of extremes in this year's pool-going crop.

Of the seven different membership types the borough categorizes, five experienced decade highs or decade lows in 2012.

There were more children on family memberships ("family juniors"), seniors and non-residents who joined the pool this summer than any time in the past decade.

On the other hand, there were fewer children who joined as individuals ("juniors") and non-swimming members at the pool this summer than any time in recent history -- both dropped more than 15 percent from last year.

The number of non-residents who joined the pool this year — either through shared service agreements with nearby towns or resident sponsorships — were up 35 percent in 2012. More than half of the pool's non-resident members came from Elmwood Park and about one quarter from Saddle Brook.

Twenty-three sponsored memberships were purchased this pool season, the first in which Fair Lawn residents were able to sponsor non-residents from any town for pool membership.

Despite the slight increase in total pool membership and the growth in non-resident members who pay a higher fee, pool revenues dipped slightly in 2012.

After generating just under $280,000 in 2010 and 2011, the pool brought in $266,170 this year.

While the borough doesn't break out the actual costs to operate the pool from the entire recreation department spend, operating the pool costs significantly more than it brings in through membership fees.

In March, Deputy Mayor Ed Trawinski said he thought it .


Memorial Pool Membership Breakdown (2004-2012):

2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012  2004-2012 Average Adult 703 802 858 807 825 706 854 808 799 795.78
Junior 117 133 137 130 121 100 109 104 88 115.44
Family 806 845 903 852 861 796 876 825 821 842.78
Family Junior 1588 1678 1806 1747 1738 1625 1800 1740 1851 1730.33
Senior 539 599 564 504 516 484 547 595 620 552
Non-Swimmer 447 443 475 454 463 438 420 474 378 443.56
Non-Resident N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 91 86 116 97.67
Total 4200 4500 4743 4494 4524 4149 4697 4632 4673 4512.44

*The borough began accepting non-resident memberships in 2010

Pool Revenues (2002-2012):

2002 $201,742 2003 $189,982 2004 $175,951 2005 $204,617 2006 $227,025.50 2007 $249,000 2008 $259,047.50 2009 $232,287.50 2010 $279,585,.02 2011 $279,977.50 2012 $266,170

Non-resident members by town:

  • Elmwood Park (interlocal agreement): 60
  • Saddle Brook (interlocal agreement): 28
  • Prospect Park (interlocal agreement): 5
  • Haledon (interlocal agreement): 0
  • Woodland Park (sponsorship): 5
  • Washington Township (sponsorship): 4
  • Lodi (sponsorship): 4
  • New Milford (sponsorship): 4
  • Teaneck (sponsorship): 2
  • Paramus (sponsorship): 2
  • Oakland (sponsorship): 1
  • Wayne (sponsorship): 1


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@TP September 26, 2012 at 05:39 PM
well tommy im sure our mayor and council members have other things they could be doing with thier time but unlike you in order to attempt to make fair lawn a better place they sacrifice their time. im sure they could be selfish like you and spend their extra time on their careers or families, but unlike you they realize to make change you get involved, not troll the internet. my problem isnt with your opinion, its the constant repetition of your opinion on every single article. theyll be a positive article about a local student and you and the rest of the trolls will turn that into a political debate. my family and many others moved here because fair lawn has great schools and services (pools, rec center, library, etc). these services have been here for decades. it would not be right to take away these services when that is the reason many people moved here or decided to stay here. im sure youre a supporter of parents deciding what school their child attends. well to me this is the same thing; some towns have cheaper taxes and no services, some like fair lawn have extra taxes for pools and libraries, YOU are free to chose which town you live in. it would not be fair to TAKE AWAY things that made people move to FL in the first place.
analogy September 26, 2012 at 06:07 PM
moving to fair lawn and then complaining about a pool would be like paying $30 for an all you can eat resturaunt and than arguing with the manager at the end that you should only pay $20 because you only ate chicken and potatoes. if you dont want all you can eat and just chicken and potatoes find a resturaunt that serves chicken and potatoe for $20. if you dont want to pay extra taxes for a pool and library go live in a town that has cheaper taxes and no pool or library. the end
analogy September 26, 2012 at 08:22 PM
no its not- because when you moved to fair lawn you knew your tax money was going to the pool, library, senior center, and rec center just as it always has. and you would be foolish to think it would change just because you dont like it
analogy September 26, 2012 at 08:24 PM
mjm- are you saying when you moved here you didnt realize your taxes went to the pool, rec, senior center and library? that would be pretty foolish of you to move somewhere without researching where your tax money went first
Tommy P September 27, 2012 at 02:58 AM
So it's ok to "TAKE AWAY" money but not the wasteful entertainment when we are short cops, need to charge for ambulance service, increase water and property taxes. What's next a 20 million dollar Memorial Pool upgrade complete with a year round facility? We have the county employees who turned their "service" into lucrative government jobs, private sector employees who lack benefits and take advantage of our full time benefits. I enjoy my ethical hacking practice, being publically political could only hurt my business. I give of myself in many ways, but thats not relevant. The wasted money TAKEN under threat of FORCE for a government pool is the problem. That pool is reauthorized each year, the full expenses are hidden from view and less than 1 in 6 people use it, while the other 5 are forced to chip in.


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