Landmark Meeting to Finalize Traffic, Begin Architecture Discussion

This month's planning board hearing about the Landmark development on Daly Field will be held Monday, July 9 at 7:30 p.m.

The 's hearings on the  will continue Monday night, with the finalization of the past two months' traffic discussion and the beginning of discussions on the site's architecture.

At last month's hearing, Landmark's traffic engineer, Eric Keller, returned to the planning board to address traffic safety concerns its members had expressed after the board's May meeting where he had .

Keller said he determined that the superior traffic signal configuration for the light at the intersection of Plaza Road and Berdan Avenue would be an exclusive left turn lane and leading green for northbound Plaza Road traffic turning onto the Route 208 ramp, and that , less than $5,000 of which the developer would pay.

Keller also presented his sight distance calculations and recommended some additional safety measures for the proposed crosswalk at Plaza Road and Ramsey Terrace, including giving the crosswalk a prominent ladder-style design, installing fluorescent yellow-green pedestrian crossing signs in advance of the crosswalk from either direction, installing small arrow signs on the crosswalk’s center line strip in either direction and narrowing the width of the road’s pavement at the crosswalk by about five feet on either side to reduce pedestrian crossing times by more than 20 percent.

After residents in advance of the proposed crosswalk,  engineer Jeff Morris agreed to independently corroborate Landmark's calculations. He will present his findings at Monday's meeting.

In addition to traffic issues, previous Landmark hearings have touched on issues of storm water management, lighting, landscape design and maintenance, and trash pickup.

The hearings, which look poised to run through the rest of the year, will continue until the entire plan has been presented and all residents wishing to ask questions have had the opportunity to do so.

Future hearings will center on pollution, waivers and variances, and the development's impact on the school system.

Landmark's planned 165-unit development of Daly Field and the adjacent Hayward property, located at the intersection of Plaza Road, Berdan Avenue and Route 208, has been a hot-button issue in Fair Lawn since the Radburn Association sold the field to the Woodbridge-based developer in February 2004.


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