Wi-Fi Coming to Fair Lawn Municipal Building

Three rooms in Fair Lawn's municipal building are expected to have wireless internet connectivity by the end of January.

In a significant first step toward reaching Fair Lawn's stated goal of holding paperless council meetings, portions of the municipal building are expected to become Wi-Fi-equipped by month's end.

Assistant borough manager Jim Van Kruiningen, who is overseeing the wireless installation process, said the court room, council conference room and emergency operations center will operate as wireless hotspots within a few weeks. The entire building should be Wi-Fi-capable by year's end.

Once Wi-Fi is installed, the borough will issue tablets to the mayor and council, manager, attorney and clerk. The tablets, which will remain borough property, will be purchased with $15,000 that the council appropriated for its paperless push in last year's capital budget, borough manager Tom Metzler said.

Rather than spend employee time and borough resources making paper copies of documents for council members, the clerk will scan and relay documents to the mayor and council electronically, Van Kruiningen explained. Council members will then be able to dowload the files to their tablets and access them both at home and at meetings.

The initiative is expected to save money, time and reduce the borough's impact on the environment.


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Tommy P January 07, 2013 at 11:41 PM
Given the stated purpose, doesn't it make sense to just use a few wired desktop computers instead? Why must they get the most expensive tablet, there are Android devices which are much cheaper than IPads.
Chris Antonelli January 08, 2013 at 02:57 AM
Where was it stated that iPads would be issued? Why do you assume that? None of you know what the proposal says. None of you apparently know what is involved in potentially upgrading infrastructure. And yes, I have been doing it for years on a global scale for multi national corporations and hold many industry certifications.
Chris Antonelli January 08, 2013 at 04:27 PM
Decent AP for $75? A switch for 200? Huh? Where? And what are the existing switches? Are there switches upstairs and downstairs? What is the current infrastructure and what is its capacity? 10? 100? 1GB? Do you wanna be blasting 11G or 11N through 10MB switches? Not a very good idea unless you want crappy QoS. How old is the wiring? That building's infrastructure may date back to CAT 3 with Token Ring. Hell, it may even be Token Ring for all we know. Bottom line? You don't know what's in there and you don't know what's in the proposal. For all we know it may be a sweetheart deal, for Fair Lawn.
Tommy P January 08, 2013 at 04:55 PM
Actually Chris, I was told by Kurt that they were planning IPads. As someone who allegedly holds certifications, you surely understand the demands of boro hall are nothing compared to Credit Suisse. According to Hylton in IB (whom I believe you know) they have more servers then Fair Lawn has people. Let's not turn this into a pissing contest, I am sure you will concede the magnitude of network/compute requirement we are talking about are negligible. As the principal engineer of a successful enterprise infrastructure auditing firm, I am a bit surprised your still grasping at justifying the waste. It almost as if your employer won the bid and are trying to justify it. Or maybe its your continued dislike of me which I find rather ironic since politically we come to the same conclusion on a majority of issues. For the record, Chris is not the only boro resident with certs. I have a CCIE (#21**), JNCIE, MSCA, a bunch others and even an A+. I also employee two other residents with who hold respected industry certifications.
Chris Antonelli January 09, 2013 at 06:59 PM
Tommy, I'm not turning it into a pissing contest. Maybe you should go back and re-read my post. I am not trying to justify anything. I clearly said no one has seen the proposal. For all I know it could be crap. You are the one, the "principal engineer of a successful enterprise infrastructure auditing firm" calling it waste without looking at it. How exactly do YOU audit an infrastructure? You're calling it waste without knowing the facts. And I say that because you have not put any forward. And I have no vested interest in this. I don't do side work, nor would I take on a small project. And as far as your pricing is concerned: If you think throwing cheap, consumer grade garbage (it's even garbage at the consumer level) like Linksys /Buffalo/Netgear into a network that essentially runs the local government is good business, I feel sorry for ya. I'm not saying to go top of the line EC, but geez, $75 WAP's? Come on! You'd be replacing that stuff monthly with the amount of traffic that will eventually handle. No one with a CCIE should be recommending inferior products for a government building. Sounds like you're the one with sour grapes buddy. Not me.


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