Planning Board Expected to Vote on Daly Field Development

The Fair Lawn Planning Board is likely to vote on Landmark's plans for Daly Field Monday night following a public comment portion where residents can air their final concerns about the development.

Nine months of hearings on Landmark's proposed Daly Field development that covered everything from parking allottments to environmental concerns could conclude Monday night when the Fair Lawn Planning Board is expected to vote on the developer's plan.

Landmark representatives have testified at Planning Board hearings each month since March, laying out their plans for the development while taking into consideration critiques from the board and concerned residents who oppose the construction.

While the board's ability to shape the planned development is limited due to a court-ordered builder's remedy that compels the borough to permit its construction, board members nonetheless have raised concerns over certain aspects of Landmark's proposal.

The potential dangers posed by a proposed pedestrian crosswalk at Ramsey Terrace, the development's affordable housing unit configuration and fire engine access within the development are a few issues that have been of particular concern to Planning Board members.

A group calling itself " and an environmental consultant to deliver testimony, fears that, among other things, the development will increase traffic congestion in the area and its construction will unearth hazardous chemicals at the building site.

Neighbors to Save Daly Field has been urging residents to attend Monday's hearing and speak out at what could be the community's last chance to oppose the development. A flyer being circulated by the group asks residents to, "Speak now if you care about property values, quality of life and neighborhood safety!"

"We appreciate the Planning Board’s patience in hearing all of the testimony these past several months," said Michael Roney, a leader of the Neighbors to Save Daly Field. "We feel that they are the last hope for a community that has had this unwanted development foisted upon it through secret deals and litigation."

Roney said he hoped the Planning Board would withhold approval of the development until the property's contamination issues and the developer's proposed bunching of affordable housing units could be satisfactorily resolved.

The 165-unit development at Daly Field and the adjacent Hayward property, located at the intersection of Plaza Road, Berdan Avenue and Route 208, has been a controversial issue in Fair Lawn since the Radburn Association sold the field to the Woodbridge-based developer in February 2004.

Opponents of developing Daly Field -- which included the former borough council and the Radburn Citizens' Association -- were dealt a major blow in 2009, when a court ruling granted Landmark a builder's remedy that compelled the borough to permit the development's construction and limited the Planning Board's jurisdiction to issues of parking, road layouts and open area configurations, among other details.


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The Most Interesting Man in the World November 19, 2012 at 05:28 PM
Ok, to summarize what happened or will happen by tomorrow, the Planning Board will vote to approve the development virtually unchanged from what has been proposed because that is all they must operate within the confines of the law and a shameless attorney and an environmental consultant took some money from well meaning, but clueless group of residents who have more money than rational intellect. However, the good news is that by voting to approve the inevitable, the Planning Board will save the borough on the legal fees of the developer bringing another lawsuit, the constant drone of irrelevant arguments will cease and the World will not have come to an end as predicted by some. Also, I had a friendly wager of a beer on the outcome and hopefully I will be able to collect if I can only remember who I made the bet with.
es November 20, 2012 at 02:25 PM
@Interesting, but inaccurate. The board has added various conditions, significantly, that the affordable units must not be grouped together as proposed.
The Most Interesting Man in the World November 20, 2012 at 05:02 PM
Most of the conditions are window dressing, however I agree that the affordable housing disbursement of units will require Landmark to spend more money to modify their plans. Now that they have a conditional approval, it will be interesting to see what Landmark will do, just comply or go back to court causing the borough to hand more taxpayer dollars to the attorneys.


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