Sandy Shortens Winter Recess for Fair Lawn Students

Fair Lawn public school students will now be required to attend class during their scheduled winter recess week on Friday, Feb. 22, to make up for time lost because of Superstorm Sandy.

Fair Lawn public school students, who lost seven class days due to power outages following Superstorm Sandy, will have their weeklong winter recess shortened as a result.

The district sent a letter home to parents last week informing them of the school calendar switch, which requires students to make up class on what had been the final day of winter recess, Friday, Feb. 22.

"Since we had built in three emergency closing days into the 2012-2013 school calendar, and have to date used four of these closings, I have requested that the board of education allow me to immediately communicate the necessary changes to our school calendar so families can plan accordingly," Superintendent Bruce Watson's letter to parents reads.

If circumstances force schools to close again before the February break, students will lose additional days during their scheduled recess week, working backwards from Friday, Watson said.

More than three additional closings would necessitate that students -- having already lost Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from their scheduled February break week -- would then lose time from their April break week.


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Sheila vanderweit November 27, 2012 at 11:31 AM
That's us totally unfair. We were under a stAte of emergency! My kid won't be going.
Deleted because of harassment November 27, 2012 at 04:07 PM
What aspect of it is "unfair"? And what lesson are you going to be teaching your kid? They have an obligation to fufill, to provide 180 days of education and to allow for a reasonable number of disruptive events. "State of emergency" closed the schools for the safety of everyone, but it did not give a pass to just forget the schools were closed for one day more than the allowed number, or let them forget about the 180 days they have to provide. Wait until that kid is an adult and finds out that the real world is unfair sometimes and you have to show up anyway. Have to go to work when it snows, or when you lose your home in a hurricane or have no power or heat for weeks, because you have an obligation to fufill. My kids are going to go, because that's the lesson this parent thinks is more important than teaching them to whine about how it's unfair. The real unfair in all this is what happened to others who died or lost their entire life's work and homes and will struggle for years to get to the same place they had. If your kid doesn't understand an obligation for one day that replaces one day off without school, try explaining that part of real life to him or her to prepare them for real life, instead.
David K January 01, 2013 at 05:44 AM
Life is meant to be enjoyed. Granted a solid education is paramount but holding class for one day after 7 days off and before two more will not provide a sufficient learning environment. Classrooms need to recap where they left off before break and ultimately they will have to do that again Monday so why not just take the full break. The life lesson of Sandy and the impact of many of the families warrants it as we'll. As long as our educaters are compensated and the material is covered, lets pick it up on Monday. Adapting to circumstances and accomplishing tasks with .6% less time is just as an important life lesson as giving up a day of break.


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