Week 12 Patch Pick'Em

Fair Lawn residents Stuart Pace, Steve Brown,Rich Seibel and Zak Koeske make their fantasy football selections for the weekend

Welcome to the weekly Patch NFL Pick 'Em, where Fair Lawn residents and wannabe NFL prognosticators Stuart Pace, Steve Brown, Rich Seibel and Zak Koeske offer up their picks for three games each week and dish out a little fantasy football advice to boot.

If you'd like our opinion on fantasy roster moves, have a fantasy football question you'd like answered or would like to compete against us as a Guest Picker, email Patch NFL Pick 'Em at zak.koeske@patch.com

This week's Pick 'Em games:

  • Washington Redsksin (4-6) @ Dallas Cowboys (5-5) -- Thursday, 4:25 p.m.
  • Atlanta Falcons (9-1) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-4) -- Sunday, 1 p.m.
  • Green Bay Packers (7-3) @ New York Giants (6-4) -- Sunday, 8:20 p.m.

Click here and scroll to the bottom to see this week's Patch Survivor picks.

Stuart Pace’s Game Picks:

Green Bay, Tampa Bay and Washington

Green Bay Packers over New York Giants -- It's still November, right? Giants lose. Confidence Level: 3 (most confident)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Atlanta Falcons -- Teams are pretty even statistically. Freeman has one more passing TD than Matt, but the running game for Atlanta is non-existent. I am going to align the cannons and take a shot with Tampa. Atlanta is giving up way too much on the ground weekly, and that plays into Tampa's strength. Did Schiano have to pay the NJ taxpayers back for the house I paid for? Confidence Level: 2

Washington Redskins over Dallas Cowboys -- Happy Thanksgiving to the state that carries guns, hates undocumented immigrants and has to suffer with Tony Romo. Cleveland beat the star off Tony's helmet last week and if not for some suspicious calls going their way, Dallas may have lost. RG3 is just fun to watch, Al Morris is running well and Jerry is getting royalties from his trademark "Cryptkeeper" look. Taking the Redskins to finally win something other than a reservation. Confidence Level: 1 (least confident)

Upset of the Week

New Orleans Saints over San Francisco 49ers -- Listen it's not every week you get to play Jessica Campbell at quarterback. I am still trying to get the image of Jason Campbell's "WTF" look that he wore all night against San Fran. Saints need to keep pace in the division and have the juice to keep up with Colin Kaepernick. Did you know that Colin Kaepernick is really an anagram for "Pink Rio necklace."

Sleeper of the  Week

Anyone who has turkey -- It's the tryptophan.

Bust of the Week

Marshawn Lynch, RB (SEA) --After the last few drubbings Miami's D has taken, I would be surprised if Marshawn finds a hole to run through.

Steve Brown’s Picks:

New York Giants, Tampa Bay and Washington

New York Giants over Green Bay Packers -- Giants come off a couple of disappointing games and a bye to run into a Packers team that has won five in a row and still needs the game to hang with the Bears…..HMM…Give me the Giants against the Green and Yellow G’s on the theory that the bye and home field will give the D-line fresh legs to get after Aaron Rodgers. Confidence Level: 1 (least confident)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Atlanta Falcons -- Five INTs, zero TDs and a fumble, and your team wins? Matt Ryan and the Falcons deal with the devil for an easy path to the playoffs paid off again last week…..But I said it before -- Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Schiano.. I’m on the Bucs pirate ship until we find buried treasure or I fall off the topsail or Doug Martin gets hurt…..He’s not hurt is he? Buccaneers eat Falcon meat this week. Confidence Level: 2

Washington Redskins over Dallas Cowboys -- The referees beat the Browns last week. I mean, if you leap in the air, tap your feet and fall out of bounds it is a touchdown, but if you are a Cowboy, catch a pass deep in the other team’s territory in overtime you can evidently run with it, stop for coffee and watch an episode of Game of Thrones on the jumbotron before being stripped and it will be ruled an incomplete pass. And those pass interference/unecessary roughness penalties were a joke, too. I can hear Jerry jones now: “Boy I didn’t pay 80 billion dollars not to get some calls in my own stadium." Winter is coming for the Cowboys soon. Give me the Skins, who have confidence in their QB over the Cowboys, who clearly don’t. Confidence Level: 3 (most confident)

Upset of the Week

Detroit Lions over Houston Texans - Sometimes a hunch is so strong you go with it even when it flies in the face of reason. I like the Lions this week at home on Thanksgiving. They are used to this game and all it entails, they have a nasty D-line and the Texans just barely survived a shootout with the Jags. I think a short week and nothing to lose works in Detroit’s favor this week.

Sleeper of the Week

Ronnie Hillman, RB (DEN) -- Willis McGahee tore his MCL and Knowshon Moreno has turned into Knowplay Moreno, so it looks like Ronnie gets the enviable task of going up against the bend-and-break and give up-and-go home defense of the Chiefs...As Stuart would say, Great googly moogly.

Bust of the Week

Justin Blackmon -- 7 catches for 236 yards and a TD against Houston is what is known as a statistical aberration. Yes, it might have marked his arrival as an elite WR, but think back to Kevin Ogletree’s Week 1 game against the Giants and the rest of his season if you want to see the more likely scenario.

Rich Seibel's Picks:

New York Giants, Tampa Bay and Washington

New York Giants over Green Bay Packers -- The Packers are playing better and the Giants have hit a slump. The Packers are looking for payback and they won't get it. Manning will go deep often this week and the Packers defense or lack of it will only get off the field after the Giants. score Confidence Level: 2 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Atlanta Falcons -- Bucs are playing well and the Falcons may be on the verge of a losing streak here. Atlanta has a date next Thursday with the Saints (who also will lose this week) and they may be looking past the Bucs. Bucs at home are hard to pass up here. Confidence Level: 3 (most confident)

Washington Redskins over Dallas Cowboys -- Dallas has problems of their own right now, as does Washington. Who will step up?  RG3 puts on a Prime Time show for the folks as they find it difficult to do the Tryptophan Drift. Washington in OT. Confidence Level: 1 (least confident)

Upset of the Week

Kansas City Chiefs over Denver Broncos -- Manning has 3three picks in a horror show away from home.

Sleeper of the Week

Garrett Celek, TE (SF) -- The middle of the field is wide open and the Kapernick strikes again!

Bust of the Week

Peyton Manning, QB (DEN) - It is so obvious that he will shred KC that something has to go wrong here.

Zak Koeske's picks:

Green Bay, Tampa Bay and Dallas

Green Bay Packers over New York Giants --The Packers are hot and the Giants are not. Even if Eli was playing at his former level, I'd take the Pack. At his current level, though, this one could get ugly. Confidence Level: 3 (most confident)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Atlanta Falcons -- I went back and forth on this one, and ultimately decided to pick the Bucs because they're at home. I expect Ryan to bounce back after his awful performance last week, but the Falcons lack a running threat and will have a tough time keeping up with the explosive and versatile Bucs. Confidence Level: 1 (least confident)

Dallas Cowboys over Washington Redskins -- Over the last three weeks, Tony Romo has been completing 70 percent of his passes and hasn't thrown an INT. He should continue his solid play against a poor Redskins secondary at home. Confidence Level: 2 

Upset of the Week

Minnesota Vikings over Chicago Bears -- Don't be surprised if Adrian Peterson's string of 120-plus yards games continues against the Bears. He's just that good. As long as Ponder can limit mistakes against the ball-hawking Bears defense, I think Minnesota takes this one on the road. 

Sleeper of the Week

Justin Blackmon, WR (JAC) -- Blackmon showed last week that he's ready to thrive now that a new and surprisingly competent QB is under center. I'm expecting another 100 yards and a toucdown from the rookie against the weak Titans secondary.

Bust of the Week

Larry Fitzgerald, WR (ARI) -- I wouldn't wanna go anywhere near any of the Cardinals receivers with rookie Ryan Lindley starting at quarterback.


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