Week 15 Patch Pick'Em

Fair Lawn residents Stuart Pace, Steve Brown,Rich Seibel and Zak Koeske make their fantasy football selections for the weekend

Welcome to the weekly Patch NFL Pick 'Em, where Fair Lawn residents and wannabe NFL prognosticators Stuart Pace, Steve Brown, Rich Seibel and Zak Koeske offer up their picks for three games each week and dish out a little fantasy football advice to boot.

But with all the great matchups across the NFL this week, we're doing five games -- although no upsets, sleepers or busts this week.

If you'd like our opinion on fantasy roster moves, have a fantasy football question you'd like answered or would like to compete against us as a Guest Picker, email Patch NFL Pick 'Em at zak.koeske@patch.com

This week's Pick 'Em games:

  • New York Giants (8-5) @ Atlanta Falcons (11-2) -- Sunday, 1 p.m.
  • Denver Broncos (10-3) @ Baltimore Ravens (9-4) -- Sunday, 1 p.m.
  • Indianapolis Colts (9-4) @ Houston Texans (11-2) -- Sunday, 1 p.m.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (7-6) @ Dallas Cowboys (7-6) -- Sunday, 4:25 p.m.
  • San Francisco 49ers (9-3-1) @ New England Patriots (10-3) -- Sunday, 8:20 p.m.

Click here and scroll to the bottom to see this week's Patch Survivor picks.

Stuart Pace’s Game Picks:

New York Giants, Denver, Houston, Dallas and New England

New York Giants over Atlanta Falcons --Ok locals, all the brouhaha on Facebook is deafening. You better be right cause I think the G-Men are due to lay an egg. But I won’t bet against Eli and his two rings over Matty Ice with none. And where does he get the nickname Matty Ice? Because he is left out in the cold each year? Confidence Level: 2

Denver Broncos over Baltimore Ravens -- A week ago I would have said "P’shaw, these Broncos don’t stand a chance." But the Ravens have been playing mediocre football this season and I am betting that Peyton wins another one here. Confidence Level: 3

Houston Texans over Indianapolis Colts -- Luck be a lady tonight. That’s what Colts fans will be singing. Unfortunately their voices will be for naught as Houston recovers from the Brady-slashing they took on Monday. This shouldn’t be close. Houston, Indy has a problem. Confidence Level: 4

Dallas Cowboys over Pittsburgh Steelers -- It’s the '70s all over again, except Skeletor owns the Cowboys and Landry isn’t pacing the sidelines. I would love to take Pittsburgh here, but I can’t. Not the way they have been playing. Confidence Level: 1 (least confident)

New England Patriots over San Francisco 49ers -- Colin Kalimaka is the Hawaiian way to say “get your butt handed to you.” If the Patriots could slash the Texans with ease, I have ZERO doubt that Brady will falter at home. When was the last time NE lost at home?? Game one against the mighty Cardinals. I kid. They aren’t mighty at all. That was a fluke. Patriots are going to the Super Bowl. Book the flights. Confidence Level: 5 (most confident)

Steve Brown’s Picks:

New York Giants, Denver, Houston, Dallas and New England

New York Giants over Atlanta Falcons --Nobody peaks better than the NY Giants. I know it feels like they won the division last month but the simple fact is they are in a three-horse race and they have a tough road ahead starting with the Falcons. But the Giants seem to have these birds caged.  Give me the Giants to stomp on the Falcons. Confidence Level: 1 (least confident)

Denver Broncos over Baltimore Ravens -- Ravens fired Cam Cameron and appear to have a busted wing as they flap dangerously closer to falling out of the playoff nest. Until the Denver Peytons lose, I'm riding that crazy horse. Confidence Level: 5 (most confident)

Houston Texans over Indianapolis Colts -- Texans at home to rebound on a horrific beating they took at New England. Texans need this game and they will be angry. I expect them to pound the ball and control the clock and take this one home. Confidence Level: 4

Dallas Cowboys over Pittsburgh Steelers -- Cowboys at home to keep the flame burning at the feet of the Giants. Home field advantage and better weapons especially at WR give this game to the Cowboys. Confidence Level: 3

New England Patriots over San Francisco 49ers -- Man, I can't believe the whooping the Pats put on the Texans. I continually underestimate the Pats and maybe the addition of Aquib Talib really has fundamentally changed that defense. Call me a believer. Patriots at home and ignore any video evidence that I have flip-flopped on this game. Confidence Level: 2

Rich Seibel's Picks:

Atlanta, Baltimore, Houston, Pittsburgh and New England

Atlanta Falcons over New York Giants --The Falcons may be getting weary wings here after flying high all year. The Giants come into Atlanta after smashing the Falcons division rival. But the Giants are nursing some injuries in key areas most notably Amukamara and Phillips in the secondary. The Giants are a 1.5 point underdog and I would like to see them win here, but the up and down of the NFL points to a win for the Falcons and a revenge factor from last year's embarrassing playoff loss. Take the Falcons at home. Confidence Level: 1 (least confident)

Baltimore Ravens over Denver Broncos -- The Broncos look to be one of the most consistent teams in the NFL, the Ravens not so much. However, I have to take the Ravens at home as an underdog. The Ravens are going to bring it on defense and upset the Orange Crush. Confidence Level: 2

Houston Texans over Indianapolis Colts -- Houston is an 8.5-point favorite at home and angry after being embarrassed last week. No way the Texans lose this week. Confidence Level: 5 (most confident)

Pittsburgh Steelers over Dallas Cowboys -- Dallas is a 1.5-point favorite at home, but the Pokes have some injury issues and they underperform at home. I expect Big Ben to shake off the ring rust and get the Steelers back in the middle of the playoff race. Confidence Level: 3

New England Patriots over San Francisco 49ers -- The Pats never lose at home, the Niners defense is weak, Aldon Smith won't stuff Brady into the turf, Donte Whitner won't crush the receivers coming over the middle, Willis and Bowman won't stop the run (what run) and Ahmad Brooks is not having a great season. The Hitman deep Dashon Goldson won't have two picks. Did I mention Aldon Smith won't break the sack record? Justin Smith is a beast but he won't push the offensive line into Brady's face. Offense sells the tickets, defense wins Championships. Go Pats 44-0. Confidence Level: 4

Zak Koeske's picks:

New York Giants, Denver, Houston, Pittsburgh and New England

New York Giants over Atlanta Falcons --This schizophrenic Giants bunch is the far more impressive team when they're playing well. The question is whether they'll show up on Sunday in Atlanta? I'm banking that they will and David Wilson (filling in for the injured Ahmad Bradshaw) cements a majority share of the carries for the rest of the season. Confidence Level: 4

Denver Broncos over Baltimore Ravens -- At home with the ageless Peyton Manning, a rejuvenated Knowshon Moreno and a reeling Baltimore defense sounds like a sure win for the Broncos. Confidence Level: 5 (most confident)

Houston Texans over Indianapolis Colts -- The Colts have won seven of their last eight without beating a team with more than five wins. Their only loss over that span was 59-24 blowout against the Patriots, the only winning team they've played. This game's going to be a lot closer, and I'm skeptical that Matt Schaub has what it takes to lead the Texans to a playoff win this year, but I'll take Houston at home. Confidence Level: 1 (least confident)

Pittsburgh Steelers over Dallas Cowboys -- Pittsburgh stunk it up against the miserable Chargers last week and running back Rashard Mendenhall's suspension has me concerned about the team's internal state of affairs, but I have to go with the Black and Gold. It's a must-win game for both teams, and while the Steelers' secondary without Ike Taylor concerns me, I'm confident they'll have corrected some of the coverage gaps the Chargers exploited in Week 14. I expect Big Ben to will the Steelers to a win. Confidence Level: 2

New England Patriots over San Francisco 49ers -- I think this is going to be a good, close game, and wouldn't be surprised if the Niners pull it out, but I'd be a fool to pick against the Patriots at home right now. Just can't do it. Confidence Level: 3


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