Week 7 Patch Pick'Em

Fair Lawn residents Stuart Pace, Steve Brown,Rich Seibel and Zak Koeske make their fantasy football selections for the weekend

Welcome to the weekly Patch NFL Pick 'Em, where Fair Lawn residents and wannabe NFL prognosticators Stuart Pace, Steve Brown, Rich Seibel and Zak Koeske offer up their picks for three games each week and dish out a little fantasy football advice to boot.

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This week's Pick 'Em games:

  • Seattle Seahawks (4-2) @ San Francisco 49ers (4-2) -- Thursday, 8:20 p.m.
  • Arizona Cardinals (4-2) @ Minnesota Vikings (4-2) -- Sunday, 1 p.m.
  • Baltimore Ravens (5-1) @ Houston Texans (5-1) -- Sunday, 1 p.m.

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Stuart Pace’s Game Picks:

San Francisco, Minnesota and Houston

San Francisco 49ers over Seattle Seahawks -- San Francisco beats teams with crappy QBs. SF wins this one. Russell Wilson is a rookie and as good as he may have looked thus far, he hasn't seen an angry D like he will be facing this week. Giants may be the best team in the NFL. Seattle is not. Confidence Level: 3 (most confident)

Minnesota Vikings over Arizona Cardinals -- Shhhh. That sound you hear is the Cardinals wondering why they were so good for the first few weeks. The other sound is AP rushing like a madman against what has been a pretty good run defense. AP does just enough to let Ponder find some open guys. Confidence Level: 1 (least confident)

Houston Texans over Baltimore Ravens -- Well, who is home? Houston. They are going to have to put on their big boy pants to show everyone why they were considered a Super Bowl candidate two weeks ago and now....maybe not so much. Both Ds lost their best player--even; both teams have great backs--even; both teams have quality QBs and QRs--even; Who is home? Take the Texans. Confidence Level: 2

Upset of the Week

Tampa Bay Buccaneers over New Orleans Saints -- How can the Smiling Pirates lose this week? The retro uniforms and a fourth week in their home state --they haven't left Florida for a month! Who schedules that? Take the Bucs.

Sleeper of the  Week

Greg Olsen, TE (CAR) -- While the Cowboys begin their descent into hell, look for the TE to be open and successful as the Cowboys hit the road for the second week in a row.

Bust of the Week

Shonn Greene, RB (NYJ) -- Come on! It was the Colts. This is the Patriots.

Steve Brown’s Picks:

San Francisco, Minnesota and Houston

San Francisco 49ers over Seattle Seahawks -- Give me the 49ers, who looked great in the first two drives against the Giants, over the surprising Seabirds and their MVS (Most Valuable Smurf) candidate Russell Wilson. Speaking of him, Stuart once pointed out that his name is comprised of two porting good companies and wondered aloud if his middle name was Spaulding. Every time they say his name now I giggle over that line. Confidence Level: 3 (most confident)

Minnesota Vikings over Arizona Cardinals -- We got RG139’ed last week as we allowed a QB to run for 139 yards and two TD’s. Whether it is the banged up Kolb or John “Halloween” Skelton leading Arizona, I don’t expect the Norsemen to repeat that abysmal performance. Skol Vikings onward to plunder! Confidence Level: 2

Houston Texans over Baltimore Ravens -- HMMM last week Baltimore steals a win because of poor clock management by soon to be ex-Cowboys coach Jason Garrett and Houston loses at home to the Real Aaron Rodgers and his six TD passes. Hard to pick this one but it looks Baltimore suffered a few key loses on the defensive side and Houtson is at home. Give me the Texans 2-0 over the Ravens. Confidence Level: 1 (least confident)

Upset of the Week

Detroit Lions over Chicago Bears -- I expect the Lions to go into Chicago and beat the Bears. The Lions wish the could replay Weeks 2-4 this year as they suffered losses to San Francisco, the Titans and The Vikes. But after and early bye week they came back to beat a very determined Eagles team. It is my belief that they will go on a mid-season roll and the road to that goes through the Bears at home on Monday night. 

Sleeper of the Week

Kyle Rudolph, TE (MIN) -- If Kyle Rudolph is available and you play in a league that rewards TDs a lot more than yardage, then snatch him up.  He has five TDs through six games, has scored in four of the last five games and is averaging a not too shabby 37.5 yards a game. Is he going to win you a week if he doesn’t score? No, but if your primary TE is on one of the six teams on a bye this week, Kyle Rudolph is a great option. (Editor's Note:Kyle Rudolph is always a great option. Top 3 TE in the league! And you call yourself a Vikings fan)

Bust of the Week

Jay Cutler, QB (CHI) -- I’ve already stated I think Detroit will win this game and the reason I expect this is their ability to force Cutler into mistakes. I still think Suh and Fairley are the nastiest interior lineman combination in the league, and Cliff Avril and Kyle Vanden Bosch combined for three sacks last week.  If the Lions D-line lives up to my expectations, Jay Cutler will not live up to yours.   

Rich Seibel's Picks:

Seattle, Arizona and Houston

Seattle Seahawks over San Francisco 49ers -- Unless Alex Smith gets hurt and the coach calls me in to play, then the Niners win. The Seahawks are inspired and Alex Smith is awful. Confidence Level: 1 (least confident)

Arizona Cardinals over Minnesota Vikings -- The Cards will start to create space at the top of the division as the Vikes come down to earth. Confidence Level: 2 

Houston Texans over Baltimore Ravens -- It is very difficult to believe the Texans can lose two in a row at home, and for that reason I am taking Houston over Baltimore. Both teams have lost their star linebackers and this game should be very interesting. Confidence Level: 3 (most confident)

Upset of the Week

Washington Redskins over New York Giants -- In keeping with the erratic behavior of the NFL, one week up next week down, I like the Redskins here. Last year the 49ers were the surprise of the league and this year it looks like the Giants will get their competition from RG3 down in DC.

Sleeper of the Week

Jared Cook, TE (TEN) -- Cook should be open all day down the seam against a weak Oakland defense. Sounds good doesn't it.

Bust of the Week

Tim Tebow, QB (NYJ) -- He is supposed to play this week at halfback. He won't get to the 2nd quarter.

Zak Koeske's picks:

San Francisco, Minnesota, Houston

San Francisco 49ers over Seattle Seahawks --This should be a fun one. The Niners will be fired up to prove they're for real after getting smoked at home by the Giants, and the Seahawks should come in psyched up to hit a division rival while they're down. Expect a typical low-scoring affair, but one the Niners will win. They're at home and Jim Harbaugh is a maniac who won't let his team lose back-to-back games at home. Confidence Level: 1 (least confident)

Minnesota Vikings over Arizona Cardinals -- As a certain former coach of both of these teams might say, the Cardinals are who they thought they were. They're miserable, as the last two weeks' losses to St. Louis and Buffalo have made clear. No chance they can do anything with John Skelton at QB and William Powell carrying the rock. Confidence Level: 3 (most confident)

Houston Texans over Baltimore Ravens -- This is a tricky one since I think the Texans are overrated, but, as much as I want to, it's just too hard to pick the Ravens on the road in this game. The Ravens D has been awful this year, and that's even before losing Hall of Famer Ray Lewis and rising star Lardarius Webb for the season last week. They won't be able to stop the Texans, who have scored more points than anyone in the NFL this year outside of the Giants. Confidence Level: 2

Upset of the Week

Washington Redskins over New York Giants -- This just seems like one of those games the Giants, after looking unbeatable last week, inevitably manage to lose. Expect a high scoring affair that turns on some absurdly athletic maneuver by RGIII to somehow bring Washington to victory.

Sleeper of the Week

Mike Williams, WR (TB) -- He's looking like his 2010 self again with a more confident Josh Freeman out there throwing to him. Even with Vincent Jackson ahead of him on the depth chart, Williams should see plenty of targets against the poor Saints secondary. He's averaging a ridiculous 22 yards per catch and has hauled in over 100 yards receiving in each of his past two games.

Bust of the Week

Mikel Leshoure, RB (DET) -- If his performance against the Vikings' staunch run defense two weeks ago -- 13 carries for 26 yards -- was any indication, Leshoure is not going to have a productive game Monday night against the top run defense in the NFL. 


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Just Facts October 21, 2012 at 03:53 AM
Zak - u gotta put yopur head on a real team...Giants.....or Jets..... go big Blue!!.... Go Gang Green!


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